Is Keto For You?

October 14, 2020

Have you heard of the keto diet but not known exactly what it is? Keep on reading to see if the keto diet lifestyle is for you!

Keto is short for a ketogenic diet and is essentially a low-carb, high-fat diet. By reducing carbohydrates in your diet, it puts your body in a state called ketosis. In ketosis, your body takes fat and burns it more efficiently for energy. 

There are many different variations of the keto diet that fit different people. For example, you might have 75% fat and 20% protein, or switch the ratio up and have 60% fat and 35% protein. The only similarity here is that they both only contain 5% carbs. Keto diets have the ability to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels meaning the health benefits are plentiful. 

Many keto dieters consider meat, poultry, and fish as staples and pillars in their food planning. They are all sources of high-quality proteins and low in carbohydrates. Also, it is also considered better to choose grass-fed meat for keto diets because grass-fed meats contain higher levels of omega-3 fats and antioxidants than regular grain-fed animals. 

Other foods include vegetables that grow above-ground, eggs, cheese, avocado, other seafood, and coconut oil! This diet is very popular for people who are looking to achieve weight loss, blood sugar control, and other general health-related goals. Because this diet includes a plethora of nutritious and tasty foods, many people say this diet is easy to adhere to and the benefits come aplenty. 

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