The Value of a Subscription

December 11, 2020

Budgeting and grocery shop lists are a headache no one needs more of in their weekly routine. We get that. Saving time and money does better for everyone and it makes a big difference as expenses pile up during the holiday season. Meal planning is a great way to organize your meals and avoid overspending at the grocery store. Read more here about how meal planning can help you remain organized and keep up with your dietary plans. 

With our subscription plans, you can customize your delivery frequency and variety of protein every week. Our regular size box, priced at $170, contains approximately eight to fourteen pounds of pasture-raised and grass-fed meat, while our large plan for $239 offers sixteen to twenty-one pounds per box. Keeping that in mind, an average two-adult household can have sustainably sourced meat and fish from NIKU Farms delivered to their doorstep for just $42 dollars a week!

According to the business insider, the average Canadian consumes around 157 pounds of meat including beef, chicken, pork, and fish every year (that translates to an average of 0.4 pounds per day). To put it into perspective, one pound of ground beef is enough for six servings of spaghetti bolognese! 

At NIKU Farms, we put equal importance on the farmer, animals, and the environment. Raising animals on pasture takes a lot of time and understanding of the environment in order to do it properly, and our farmers do their very best to ensure everything remains up to our standards. Whether it’s regenerative grazing, cover crops, silvopasture, or rotational grazing, they are constantly innovating sustainable ways to raise their animals on pasture.  
Supporting local pasture farmers and their business is a great circular system that benefits our community and ecosystem. We invest in members of our own community, and they, in turn, invest their time into our environment and food sourcing. If you’d like to give pasture-raised meats and sustainably sourced fish a chance – sign up for NIKU Farms today and begin customizing your very first sustainable meats box.