What happens when you support local?

June 10, 2021

Think about the last time you bought your groceries from a big company. What did your purchase accomplish? You probably got what you were looking for at a decent price, but that’s where that story ends.

Now consider the last time you shopped for your food locally. The choice you made to support local farmers had a much bigger impact on your community and the environment! 

Here’s what happens when you support local farmers:

1. You’re investing in the future of these farms

By shopping from local farmers, you’re investing in these small, family-run businesses that continue to invest in your communities.

2. It creates character in the community

There’s value in having independent businesses in your community – they produce unique products, and create the benefit of having options besides only what the big companies provide.

3. It positively impacts the environment

When you shop from a local farm, you’re reducing travel pollution – products don’t have to travel across oceans to reach you, and you don’t have to drive too far to buy them. 

Local farms also have a smaller infrastructure than big factories!

4. It preserves local open space

Every time you buy something from a local farm, you’re proving their worth to your government. Farmland is then less likely to be sold for development because it is being used for a community-loved business. 

5. You’re supporting the humane treatment of animals

The animals raised at local farms are pasture-raised, with no added hormones or antibiotics – unlike other meat production processes that have animals caged in tight spaces. 

6. You’re eating food that is better for your body

Less time between farm to table means that your food is fresher and has less preservatives!

If you’re looking for the perfect way to support local Ontario farmers, NIKU Farms is a great place to support local farmers while ensuring you’re eating sustainably! We’re an online farmers market that works directly with our farmers to provide you with pasture-raised meat and wild caught fish.