A Friendly Neighbour Story

November 19, 2020

Recent times have been tough, but it also brings the best out of people too! Think of the children and families who hand-painted signs with rainbow stickers and hearts thanking healthcare workers. Or local the stores that opened their doors exclusively for elders to ensure their safety, and volunteers at foodbanks who are giving their time to help out in the community. Now more than ever – we are understanding the value of supporting our neighbours!. 

Here’s a story about how our farmers and friendly neighbours have been working together to deliver your local grass-fed meats. Two of our partners, Marita Fields, and Howick Community Farms are Mennonite farms. This means they do not use modern technology and common tools such as WiFi or cellphones. You might wonder – how did they manage to partner with an online farmers marketplace like NIKU Farms? Our platform is based solely online so how would they know who to send their boxes to…and to where? Thankfully, both of our farmers have amazing neighbours! We send them emails and orders every week digitally, then they print them all out and personally walk over, and knock on Marlin’ door to pass them their orders and delivery labels. At Marita Fields, Marlin keeps contact with Kathy and at Howick Community Farms, Elvern helps out the community by being in contact with us.

Without the help and understanding of their neighbours, these small scale Mennonite farmers would not be able to offer their delicious pasture-raised meats to all of you! Their relationship with their neighbours truly reflects how coming together as a community can move mountains and make change. So hold on everyone, we’re in this together!