Our Farmers

NIKU Farms connects you to local Ontario farmers who have a commitment to quality, ethical treatment of animals and humane farming practices.

Farm First Thinking

Small farms have been squeezed by a long supply chain. We're changing a broken system, and connecting you directly with local and small scale family farms. We're putting farms first.

Ethically Raised Meat

Animals should eat what they were born to eat. Our animals are raised the natural way without chemicals, antibiotics or hormones on small scale family farms.

Local Communities

We connect you to products from your nearest farm because we care about local food movements and sustainable food distribution. You deserve to know exactly where your meat came from.

Big Rock Bison

100% Grass-Fed Bison

Big Rock Bison is located right between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in beautiful Shallow Lake ON. Be careful not to blink, or you will miss it! #smalltownproud. They consider themselves land stewards. Grassland restoration is a major component of their farming operation. They work with mother nature to promote the growth of native grasses that their bison thrive on.

They are involved in every part of the process of getting 100% grass fed bison from gate to plate. Their priority is to continue to do what is best for their animals, their land, and their customers. They believe it is their duty to ensure Big Rock Bison is naturally raised in a low stress environment. From their family to yours!

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Blackview Farm

100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef

Bill and Michelle of Blackview Farm raise their chicken and pork on pasture at a home farm near Listowel, Ontario. They strive to bring you the best in grass fed, finished, and pasture-raised meats and their chicken is often rotated behind cattle to naturally ‘disinfect’ their fields by eating bugs. Bill has partnered with a family friend and small farm owner Ken Vaag, in Manitoba, to share his expertise and refine their grass-fed and grass-finishing operations. Together, they raise their beef to the same strict protocol that the Blackview name stands for; and the beef is then brought to Ontario and processed locally for you and your family to enjoy. With changes in the food supply industry, this new partnership allows us to respond to increased demand while still supporting local farms and it’s owners.

High quality, grass finished beef is only available when you orchestrate the seasons, the grass growth and animal movement; accompanied by the age and genetic make up of the animal. Bill and Michelle are the passionate conductors of this orchestra, and they invite everyone to taste and enjoy the output of their hard work. They hope that you inherit a sense of the place where their animals are raised and cared for.

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Howick Community Farms

Pasture Raised Meats

Howick Community Farms, located around Howick Ontario, is a partnership of around 30 neighbouring Mennonite farmers that hold a strong belief system of raising animals with care and respect. The farm partnership prides itself on preserving traditional farming practices, raising animals humanely on pasture in harmony with nature. Animals from pigs, lamb, chickens and cows are raised on pasture. This includes rotational grazing of their chickens on the field, so that chickens not only remain outdoors but they have continual access to fresh grass.

Howick Community Farm builds agreements with businesses only through mutual trust and close relationships. As we were looking for sustainable farm options, we were pointed in this direction from our farm partner Marlin from Marita Field and other trusted sources in the industry. We are proud to have been connected to them, and you'll love the distinct flavour of all their meats.

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Marita Fields

100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef

Marita Fields is a local farm in Grey County close to Dundalk Ontario. Owned and intensively managed by Marlin & Rita Martin and a family of six children.

Marlin & Rita both were raised on commercial feedlot and hog farms. They wanted something different for their own family. Less heavy metal equipment, and less big concrete barns. They let the animals harvest the grass, making hay with surplus and stockpiling for winter use.

As the name implies, they are all about the fields. Fields of grass with cattle grazing while dutch harness horses and hackney ponies prance in lush pastures. They love what they are doing, and you will love the results.

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Woolleys’ Lamb Farm

100% Grass-Fed Lamb

Woolley's Lamb Farm is located in Simcoe, Ontario. In 2008 after seeing lambs grazing orchards in New Zealand, a young farmer was determined to bring this idea back home. If you spot sheep wandering between the cherry trees at Woolleys’ Lamb farm, don’t worry – they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be. For owners Carrie Woolley and Brett Schuyler, letting their grass-fed livestock graze freely amongst their fruit trees makes perfect sense.

The innovative process provides shade, shelter and space for the sheep to forage. In addition the lambs can be found foraging on cover crops (a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil) and wooded pastures (silvo pastures). These sustainable farming practices result in an eco-friendly lamb that is born & raised on a 100% pasture diet.

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Want to be part of this list?

We want to connect consumers directly with their local farms who are raising animals the right way. If you are a farmer, or know of a farmer who should be part of the NIKU Farms community, please send us an email at admin@nikufarms.com.