5 Chicks and a Farmer

December 11, 2020

We’d like to welcome another member to our growing family of local Ontario farmers! Meet John and Sarah Moylan, two farmers from Huron County who decided to take the reins and teach themselves how to work from home and raise their animals ethically on-pasture.

5 Chicks and a Farmer is a small farm owned by John and Sarah in the township of McKillop in Huron County. Along with their four daughters, dog, bunny, and twenty-six cats, they work hard to provide local community members with delicious and nutritious pasture-raised meat. For as long as he’s known, John had always enjoyed working with animals. So when he considered pursuing a future in farming and thought of working from home with his family, the opportunity seemed like something that he just couldn’t pass up on! As he learned more about the farming industry, John realized that large-scale agricultural opportunities had many different costs and risks that he was not comfortable with. So in 2015, he started reading and learning about pasture-based farming, which is a much smaller community but more suitable for small-scale farms. Two years later, in 2017, he and Sarah decided to take a leap of faith into farming and John quit his job as a construction project manager to start farming full-time – and they’ve never looked back since!

Now, John and his family raise chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cattle all on pasture. They use a rotational grazing system taught by ethical husbandry expert Joel Salutin and always focus on producing the most nutritious meat with exceptional flavour. John and Sarah are working towards including rotationally grazed pastures in their crop rotation as well as other regenerative farming methods such as cover crops and no-till cropping. All of which improve soil health and do good for the environment! As you know, at NIKU Farms we hold our farmers to very high standards and always look for small farms that are doing good for the environment, community, and animals. John and his family work hard together to provide you with the highest quality of pasture-raised chicken, and they hope you enjoy it!

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