Bill’s Sous Vide Roast Beef

December 17, 2020

Here’s something you may not know. Bill from Blackview Farm can whip up a perfectly cooked roast beef sous vide! All you need for a successful sous vide is a pot of water, a thermometer, a plastic zipper bag, and a cut of your choice. The point of sous viding meat is to keep your water at a steady temperature throughout cooking long enough to bring your meat to the exactly desired doneness. 

To start your first sous vide, you don’t need any preparation. Just fill your pot with water and keep it going until it reaches your desired heat. Place your meat into the zipper bag and place it into the pot and wait for your water to come back to your desired temperature (this might take a little while). Depending on what you want to make, your desired temperatures and time can vary. We suggest using this guide to pick your perfect sous vide strategy! 

One of our farmers, Bill, loves to make his roast beef sous vide. His foolproof way of getting the perfect roast beef is to cook it at 57 degrees Celsius for 48 hours. He says it doesn’t even matter what specific cut you use as long as it’s a beef roast! He’s tried sirloin, flat iron, picanha (rump steak), and eye of round. 

After taking the tender and perfectly cooked roast out of the pot, give your meats some colour and char with a quick but hot sear on a pan. Bill recommends seasoning your meat with just salt, pepper, and your favourite herb. Such tenderly cooked 100% grass-fed beef doesn’t need a lot of seasoning to be delicious! Our farmers put a lot of work into raising their meat with the highest of standards – so you can bet they know how to enjoy their own products in the most delicious ways possible! 

If you’d like to give this recipe and technique a try, order your first box of grass-fed and pasture-raised beef for delivery in the coming new year! Our boxes deliver sustainable meat and fish from the farm to your doorstep. Sign up today and begin customizing your boxes now.