Nutritional Benefits of Bison

March 5, 2021

If you’re trying to cut down on your cholesterol but find it near impossible to give up beef, bison is exactly what you –didn’t know– you needed. Bison meat is the second most popular red-meat, and for good reason! It’s leaner, packed full of essential nutrients, low in cholesterol, and tastes slightly sweeter than beef. 

What’s unique about bison meat, is that it is commonly raised on-pasture and grass-fed. While it is much more common to find beef in commercial feedlots and grain fed, bison meat is almost always a product of small farmers who personally tend to their livestock on pastures. Although they may be grass-fed, there are still some bison products that are grain-finished. Meaning they spend the latter part of their timeline eating grains in order to fatten up. Our farm partners at Big Rock Bison only provide 100% grass-finished bison, meaning they munch on all natural greens their entire lives.

When comparing bison and lean beef, the USDA found that bison meat has 20% less cholesterol. Furthermore, when compared to equal portions of turkey and chicken, bison still had less fat and cholesterol! Besides that, bison is also a great source of these essential nutrients: 

If you’re interested in maintaining a protein-rich diet while avoiding an increase in cholesterol, bison may be the perfect alternative for your current favourite beef-recipes. Because of it’s exceptionally lean nature, it is also a great choice of protein for anyone meal prepping with goals of weight loss, muscle gain, or any other unique diet goals you may be pursuing. 

Although bison is the second most consumed red-meat, it’s still a little hard to come by! Our farm partner Big Rock Bison offers some great options for starting off your bison meal prepping, and it’s guaranteed local and grass-finished. Order your first box of bison meat today!