Chicken Shelters

March 24, 2021

Do you know what these are for? Pasture raising poultry is a sustainable and arduous way to maintain chicken and pasture wellness. These little houses pictured above are portable chicken shelters. With sidewalls, a roof, and no floor, these shelters provide the perfect space for chickens to find shade while searching for grubs on pasture. 

These shelters also help to keep poultry searching for food in one specific area of pasture. Since chicken is not as receptive to corralling as cows and lamb may be, these shelters help to keep them in one location. This is especially important when pasture-raising chickens sustainably because it helps to maintain the health of the pasture. When chickens are allowed to graze without taking into account grass-health, it could lead to trampled patches of land all across a field in unmanageable spots. By being able to control where the poultry grazes little by little, our farmers are able to strategically move the flock around on a daily basis in order to ensure their pastures are able to naturally recuperate. Moving spots daily is also good for the poultry as they are provided with fresh pasture and continuously soft fresh bedding.
All of our farm partners who raise chickens have their own unique chicken shelter designs, but all are made with one thing in mind: fresh air, shade, and comfort. Their pastured chickens roam freely on pasture and are guaranteed a fresh new patch of grass every day. This daily routine may be hard work for our partners but they value the benefits this offers for both the flock and environment and so do we. If you’d like to support our chicken farmers, sign up with NIKU Farms today and try your first box from any of our various farm partners!