NIKU Farms Customization Guide

April 26, 2021

Some days you want ground beef, other days it’s chicken wings. We know your meal preferences are always changing and that customization is a very important part of any grocery shopping routine. That is why we are keen on letting our members fully customize their orders whether it’s the plan size, delivery frequency, farm, or products. If you have any questions about how customizable our plans really are, keep on reading to gain a better understanding of what your NIKU Farms delivery process will look like. When we say fully customizable, we mean it! 

Selecting Which Farm to Support:

We have a wide selection of local Ontario farmers you can order from. Because each farmer ships their products directly from their farm, you may select one farm with each delivery. The good news is that with each delivery, you have the unique opportunity to support a different local farmer if you’d like! 

Which Plan Suits Your Household:

There are two different sized plans you may select from. A regular plan feeds 1-2 people and a large plan feeds 3-5. 

Customizing Your Box: 

Each box you order can be newly customized before delivery. There are different ways to build it: you can add some of our specially curated bundles, select your products all a-la-carte style, or even mix and match.  

Using a large box as an example, you can choose to add the Steak Bundle pictured above from Marita Fields and then individually add three pounds of bacon, ribs, and more. 

You can add three different bundles to easily fill up your large box quota, or choose to individually select different cuts of chicken, duck, pork, beef, etc. without the help of bundles. The choice is completely up to you! Plus, if you miss out on chicken wings this time around, you can always try it the next time you order. 

Changing Your Delivery Schedules: 

Everyone consumes their meat and fish differently. We completely understand. Your delivery schedules can be customized fully to the needs of your household. Whether it’s every week, two weeks, or even six – delivery schedules can always be altered for you. 

Members are also able to pause, skip or cancel a delivery whenever they’d like. Sometimes unexpected things come up and that’s ok. All you have to do is let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you. 

Try some of our 100% grass-finished, pasture-raised, and sustainably caught meat or fish this week. Begin your customization today and sign up for your very first NIKU Farms delivery.