BBQ Brisket by

May 19, 2021

We love it when you share recipes and pictures of your NIKU Farms home creations. This pulled pork recipe by using a NIKU Farms 100% grass-finished brisket looks so incredibly tender and full of flavour. Using an instant pot, their recipe is easy to make and ready after mixing the spices and setting them aside for 70 minutes to cook. Check out the post and give it a try! 

Add the following into the instant pot and mix together:

Then place the beef brisket (approx 3 pounds, grass-fed beef is best) into the pot, and spoon some of the sauce over it.

Close the lid, and pressure cook for 70 minutes (then let it release for 10min before turning the valve to vent and opening).

Shred the meat using a fork, then sauté the meat and sauce in the instant pot until the sauce thickens.