Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Kitchen

August 27, 2021

Are you looking for easy ways to make your kitchen a little less wasteful? According to earth.org, about one third of food that is produced for human consumption is wasted every year – that’s 1.3 billion tonnes! 

The biggest contributors to household food waste are:

It can seem like a big job to reduce your food and paper waste when kitchen consumables are so common and easy to fall into using, but every small step your family takes towards wasting less food really does help.

Here are a few easy changes you can make in your kitchen that will help make your home a little more sustainable, one step at a time!

Reduce Food Waste:

Reduce Paper and Plastic Waste:

It’s never too late to take the first step towards a more sustainable kitchen!

NIKU Farms is dedicated to making our service as sustainable as we can, too. From the farms to your door, we ensure that every decision we make takes into account what is best for the environment.

Our team works to be a sustainable and eco-friendly company through efforts such as:

  1. Using recyclable and biodegradable packaging to ship your boxes, to reduce the amount of styrofoam in landfills
  2. Partnering only with farms that prioritize sustainability through their daily practices
  3. Bundling products to ensure a variety of products are bought, resulting in less food waste 
  4. Focusing on the reduction of food km and CO2 emissions by having your food shipped seasonally, from local farms

Learn more about our packaging and farm standards.