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Fan Favourite Curated Bundles at NIKU Farms

January 12, 2022

Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the choices of pasture-raised meat to add to your NIKU Farms box? That’s why we have curated bundles at each of our farms – to get you the best variety of locally sourced highest quality meats from the farm to your table for the best value.

All of our meat is grass fed, free range and the animals are raised on pasture. Animal welfare is our first priority at NIKU Farms, and it’s important for us to provide humane options that are better than the meat you find in your grocery store.

Take a look at some of our subscribers’ favourite bundles!

5 chicken breasts

Chicken Breast Special, 5 Chicks and a Farmer

Get five large pasture-raised chicken breasts from 5 Chicks and a Farmer in this pack. Each breast will feed a family of four dinner!

3 chicken breasts, a pack of chicken thighs, chicken drums, and chicken wings

Chicken Medley, Back to Nature Organics

Head over to the NIKU Farms Marketplace where you can select various meat from different farms to include in your box, and you’ll get fantastic, certified organic chicken from Back to Nature Organics. This bundle allows you to try different types of chicken and find your family’s favourite.

2 packs of bison sausage, and 2 packs of ground bison

Bison Dinner, Big Rock Bison

If you’ve never tried bison before, the Bison Dinner is a great way to sample the product! Our bison is listed under the NIKU Farms marketplace, so you can mix and match bison with our other farms’ beef, chicken and fish bundles, as well.

2 premium steaks, and 2 pounds of ground beef

Steak & Ground, Blackview Farm

Blackview Farm’s grass finished beef products can also be found in the NIKU Farms Marketplace. Their steak and ground beef bundles is one of the most purchased bundles we offer! You really can’t go wrong with their ground beef, and the premium steaks are great quality that your family will love.

One whole chicken, two packs of chicken thighs and 3 packs of chicken drums

Chicken Medley, Chicken Thika Farm

Looking for halal meat options? Chicken Thika Farm’s poultry is 100% halal, and also 100% delicious! This bundle gets you a variety of halal chicken, including an entire bird.

3 chicken breasts and 2 pounds of ground beef

Beef & Chicken Special, Howick Community Farms

Can’t decide between beef and chicken? Why not get the best of both worlds? The Beef & Chicken Special from Howick Community Farms allows you to get large chicken breasts, as well as flavourful and versatile ground beef.

Various mixture of rainbow trout and pickerel fillets.

Mixed Fish, John O’s Foods

If your family is a fan of fish, there’s no better bundle than John O’s Foods Mixed Fish. You’ll get four pickerel fillets and four rainbow trout fillets that are ethically sourced, and sure to satisfy your craving.

3 short ribs and 3 packs of ground beef

Grilling Beef, Marita Fields

Grab a Marita Fields Grilling Beef bundle this spring for the best cuts of beef to throw on the grill. Can’t get better than juicy burgers and ribs!

2 pounds ground beef, 1 pack Italian sausages, 1 pack beef stir fry, 1 pack burger patties

BBQ Beef Dinner, Tricks Creek Farm

If you want a wide variety of beef cuts to cook up for your family, the BBQ Beef Dinner is the way to go. You get to try Tricks Creek Farm’s ground beef, sausages, stir fry tips and burgers in one bundle!

2 packs of ground lamb, and 2 packs of lamb sausage

Lamb Dinners, Woolleys’ Lamb

Are you a lamb fan? This bundle from Woolleys’ Lamb gets you both ground lamb and juicy lamb sausage in your box.

Next time you’re ordering your NIKU Farms box for your monthly meat delivery, remember that you can fit two of our bundles in one Regular Box!