Ever since we started NIKU Farms, we've been focused on making sure that we do everything as environmentally friendly as possible. From day 1, we ensured that we stayed clear of all styrofoam type products, which is popular among most companies that ship meat. All of our original packaging materials were 100% curbside recyclable. The problem was that it was still from plastic materials that often end up in the landfill anyways.

Introducing Biodegradable Insulation

We are proud to introduce biodegradable Green Cell Foam insulation! This new eco-friendly packaging is fully biodegradable, backyard compostable, and even water soluble - which means you can watch your waste disappear within minutes.

When you buy through NIKU Farms, you can feel comfortable that you are contributing to a better earth. Upon the 2021 federal government restriction of one-time plastics, we believe it's more vital than ever to do our part as a company to minimize waste as a country, and to inspire all those companies that are still using wasteful packaging to make the switch!

4 Ways to Biodegrade


Our liners are compostable in any residential or commercial compost facility. They will biodegrade in 60 days or less when in a moist soil environment.

Feed Plants

Place large pieces of Green Cell Foam into a bucket of water and let sit overnight. Pour mixture onto plants— our disposable packaging is a great plant food!


Green Cell Foam dissolves in water— put small pieces in the sink and watch it "melt" safely down the drain; it even biodegrades in seawater and freshwater!


Green Cell Foam burns cleanly and safely in fireplaces and firepits— works great to start your barbecue!

Green Cell Foam 101:

  • A unique natural, environmentally friendly packaging material

  • Biodegradable alternative made from non-GMO cornstarch

  • Matches the performance of petroleum based foams

  • Manufacturing requires 70% less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gases than petroleum based foams

  • Backyard compostable, biodegradable and water soluble