Bill Parke: Owner of Blackview Farm

After spending years sending their calves to auction for a sometimes-disappointing return, Bill and Michelle Park, owners of Blackview Farm, began raising their cattle on pasture, hoping to sell their meat directly to consumers. Without realizing it, this decision would be a turning point in the taste and quality of the meat they were producing. We recently sat down with Bill and Michelle, to talk about their journey into raising animals on pasture. 

At Blackview Farm, animals are eating grass and hay from day one and calves nurse from their mothers and are weaned after one year. The taste is better, the quality is higher, and of course, you can feel good that you’re supporting a farm that treats its animals with care and respect.

Bill has grown into cooking over the years and now that he has access to amazing pasture-raised meat and home-grown food, he’s expanded his skills even further. Always looking to learn, he has spent time speaking to many different sources about cooking and choosing the right ingredients, learning about cooking methods for different cuts of meat and how to balance flavours in a dish. We’re lucky to have Blackview Farm as one of our farm partners.