Andy Muto: Wellness Chef, on Food for High Performance Athletes

Today more than ever, we are beginning to understand just how much food can affect our overall health. From our physical health to our mental and emotional well-being, what and how we eat touches so many aspects of our lives. To learn more about the connection between food and wellness, we spoke to Andy Muto, local food advocate, and wellness chef for former NHLer Gary Roberts’ High-Performance Training program.

Andy’s journey to becoming a wellness chef began with his time acting as a caregiver to his family members. He quickly noticed the correlation between food and personal well-being, and how the body responded to good food and the right eating regimen. Muto wants people to think about the foods that they ate as kids, what their friends’ families ate. He’s hoping to remind people of the foods from their own cultures they ate when they were young, effectively getting them to return to their roots. 

Andy brings this philosophy of simplicity to his work with the young NHL players at Gary Roberts’ training program with simple, wholesome, and local food. While his focus is on helping them to fuel their bodies in order to keep up with the intense training they do when preparing for their respective seasons, he says that this principle applies to both male and female athletes looking to improve their overall well-being.