Dr. Richard Bazinet: Science Behind Grass Fed

There is an ongoing debate about grass-fed over grain-fed meat. Some claim grass-fed to be a fad, while others note that there are nutritional benefits with grass-fed beef that are not found in grain-fed beef. But with so much speculation we decided to turn to science for more definitive truths. We reached out to the University of Toronto professor, Dr. Richard Bazinet to talk about the nutritional differences he uncovered in his lab between grass-fed and grain-fed steaks. 

Dr. Richard Bazinet is a neuroscientist in the department of nutrition. But he turned from studies of the brain to studies of steak when renowned author Mark Schatzker approached him with a challenge: grass-fed beef is better for you than grain-fed beef. 

Professor Bazinet took Mark Schatzker up on the challenge. He had an expensive piece of equipment in his lab called a chromatograph that can test for fatty acid composition of organic material. Using this machine he tested the composition of two types of meat: meat from a grass-fed cow, and meat from a grain-fed cow. The results? Check out the podcast to find out!