NIKU Farms Recycling guide:

February 20, 2021

At NIKU Farms, we place equal importance on the wellbeing of our farmers, livestock, and the environment. We realize the impact that delivery packaging can have on the environment and hope that you can join us in doing our best to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

Please follow this full recycling guide after you receive your deliveries. 

Cardboard box: 

Our NIKU Farms boxes are standard cardboard boxes that should be flattened and placed in the recycling bin. If you are into crafts, we also recommend looking into some DIY options that could upcycle the material. 

Insulated Liners: 

We use green cell foam insulated liners instead of styrofoam in an effort to reduce the millions of tonnes of toxic styrofoam in landfills. Our liners are nearly 100% corn starch and are completely biodegradable, compostable, and water-soluble. 

Gel Packs: 

Our gel packs are non-toxic and biodegradable and can be safely reused or disposed of by flushing down the toilet. Please recycle the sleeve.


Please recycle. You can also reuse it at home by making some home-made paper.

Product Sleeves: 

Be sure to rinse the sleeves your meat is packaged in and then place them in the recycling bin afterward. 

Leftover Scraps: 

Many people discard their bones and scraps directly in the compost bin, but to make the most out of your resources, we suggest freezing them to make bone broth first. Try this recipe and read up on all the nutritional benefits our grass-fed and pasture-raised scraps have to offer.