Undercover Vegetables: As Pizza Crust?

April 1, 2021

Do your children push carrots and chicken to opposite ends of the plate? Ignore the broccoli on the table…or frown at the idea of anything green in their meal? If that’s the case, these recipes are perfect for your April fools prank of the year: making your kids unknowingly enjoy veggies.

The key to making veggies look inviting to kids is disguise. Of all the vegetables out there, cauliflower is the perfect blank canvas. You can turn it into fried rice, pizza crust, taco shells, or even tater tots. Don’t tell your family what it is till they’ve finished it all (they will) and the joke will be on them!

One main step you’ll have to go through with all these recipes is ricing. We’ll highlight that process for you here, and the toppings like bacon, sausage, beef stew, or more will be up to you. We highly recommend this keto bacon and cheddar tater tot recipe.

  1. First, you’ll need to wash your cauliflower and pop it into a food processor. Blend it all until your cauliflower looks nothing like cauliflower anymore and resembles little diced bits of minced garlic instead. If you do not own a blender/food processor, you can also use a standard box grater. Keep in mind that the bigger the holes you use, the larger your ‘rice’ grains will turn out. When using a food processor it’ll very quickly process your vegetable into a small grain – so if you want larger-sized bits to make chunkier tater tots – we’d suggest using the box grater method. 
  1. After processing the cauliflower you may have to steam, baked, or microwave your rice, depending on the recipe you’re using. 
  1. Once that’s finished, take a cheesecloth and strain as much water as possible out of the cauliflower. This step is essential even if you decide not to pre-cook the vegetable, be sure to drain its water. As a substitute for cheesecloth, you may use any standard cotton fabric such as a bandana, or pillowcase even. 

After this, you should end up with a very dry bowl of riced cauliflower that’s ready to transform into anything you’d like. You may bind it to form tater tots with egg and cheese, fry it like rice, or pat it together to make pizza crust. The possibilities are endless!