Revisiting Blackview Farm

April 28, 2021

Join us in revisiting one of our farm partners, Bill from Blackview Farm. Family run and based in Listowel, Ontario, they provide our NIKU Farms members with 100% grass-finished beef and pasture-raised pork and chicken. 

Rather than focusing on ‘organic’ labels, Blackview and NIKU Farms both believe that going beyond organic product expectations is essential for a sustainable and holistic practice. In order to do this, they focus on three main questions to guide their farming.

Blackview farm uses a rotational grazing method when pasture-raising their animals. Rotational grazing is a regenerative farming practice that gives pasture time to breathe and replenish its natural nutrients. This practice also ensures that wildlife habitats are not overgrazed, meaning native species can flourish and contribute to the ecosystem. While their cattle herds take the lead in grazing, Blackview’s chickens follow them from behind. As the cattle move along pastures, Bill moves pasture-raised chickens into the recently grazed pastures to clean up unwanted grubs and naturally ‘clean’ the pasture for healthier regrowth. 

By feeding animals what they naturally eat when roaming in the wild, its nutritional value increases. Grass-finished products are known to have higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, iron, selenium, and more. Adhering to their natural diet also changes their taste. Grass diets alter the flavors of our farm partner’s products and offer richer, (some say sweeter), and earthier flavors. Listen to this podcast to hear Bill talk about the importance he places on flavour

At Blackview farm everyone and everything works as a team. Bill and Michelle use their expertise and experience to work in tune with the seasons, environment, animals, and us at NIKU Farms. If you’d like to support Bill and Blackview Farm, order your first NIKU Farms delivery today by customizing your box here